I never knew your youth, but only knew your age–

but there was beauty in it:


the strong planes of your face, the brown shine

of your eyes, glimmering sun on slate,

gray stones in the brown beck, the shape of your mouth,

a soft pink sideways slide, full lips dwindled

to thin lines, though the set of your mouth remains


indomitable, indubitable

beauty, beauty, beauty


sing it in the curl of your hair against your neck,

the wide spread of your hands, swollen now

with arthritis, but still clever and quick,

your dancing feet turned and twisted with age,

but still you prevail, walking with determination

on damaged toes through a whirling world

changed almost beyond belief:


in your voice, in your face, in the light

of those clouded brown eyes

I still see it


indubitable, indomitable

beauty, beauty, beauty


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