I love

your speckled skin

your soft moss hair

the quiet pools

that float

inside your now-shut eyes

the way one side of your mouth

leans up

and one falls down

perpetually attempting

a balancing act


I love your nose that inquires

a bit to the left

your eyebrows with their flashes

of dark red

the small smooth feathers

of your eyelashes

that float down

as minute dark commas

on your plum-soft cheeks


I love the small sounds

you make as you pass

from night

to the dangerous dreams

of day

the butterfly shudders

of your eyelids

as you delay




and I watch

jealous of the sun

that throws its net of light

across your face

envious even of the wind

that traces you

with fingers more sensitive

than mine

and learns your shape

by touch




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